Band of Burns - Live From The Union Chapel

2018 live recording

Live From The Union Chapel - Band of Burns

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Originating out of the Burns Night gigs that ran at East London’s Wilton’s Music Hall for several years, Band of Burns came about when key members of the team (musicians Alastair Caplin and Dilar Vardar, and promoter Sophie Bostock) decided to put a more permanent touring outfit together. Featuring twelve musicians, this double live album was recorded at one of the band’s celebrated gigs at North London’s iconic Union Chapel and was released thanks to a successful crowdfunding appeal.

As the band’s origins and name suggests the influence of Scotland’s most celebrated poet casts a major presence over the entire project. It would be a mistake, however, to assume the album was focused solely on the work of Robert Burns.

Indeed, it would be a mistake to assume it was focused solely on the Scottish folk tradition either. Those involved in the Band of Burns come from a variety of different backgrounds and musical traditions, hailing from England, Wales and Ireland as well as Scotland and from as far afield as Turkey.

The result is a delightful collection of songs and tune sets from a fantastic array of musicians. From songs based on Burns’ own writing like My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose, Now Westlin Winds and Parcel o’ Rogues, through to other traditional numbers like Banks of Red Roses as well as songs like Richard Farina’s The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood, there will be much that many folk enthusiasts will be familiar with here. However, the range of voices, both male and female, together with the exceptional standards of musicianship has resulted in Band of Burns producing something very special here.

Moreover, it is definitely a collaboration that lends itself well to the live album format. Although overflowing with talent, it would be difficult to imagine the album having quite the same impact had the recording been studio-bound. The awed crowd reactions to the ballads and the rapturous responses to some of the tune sets wonderfully capture what must have been an incredible atmosphere in Union Chapel on the evening of 29th January 2017.

Although nicely packaged a little bit more information on the background to the song choices and the playing on each track would not have gone amiss. However, with information about both the sizeable number of musicians and the concert itself to cram in there is probably a limit to how much additional information can be squeezed in.

Two discs, twelve musicians and one magical night, Live From The Union Chapel is a wonderful celebration of the life and work of Robert Burns.

Darren Johnson

Released by Ord Ban Music on 19th January 2018.

Disc One

1. Gaol Ise Gaol I
2. Murray’s / Davis White’s / Castlebay Scrap / Jenny Dang The Weaver
3. Parcel o’ Rogues
4. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
5. Ae Fond Kiss
6. MacKenzie Hay / The Bog of Right
7. Grioghal Cridhe
8. Banks of Red Roses
9. The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
10. Hills of Glenorchy / Highlander’s Farewell / Cockerel In The Creel
11. Ghosts

Disc Two

1. The Banks o’ Doon
2. The Marquis of Huntly / The Ewi ewi’ the Crookit Horn / Cairngorm Brooch / Sean Reid’s Favourite / Miss. McLeod’s / The Reconciliation
3. John Anderson, My Jo
4. Now Westlin Winds
5. Song of a Hundred Years
6. Donald Dubh / The Shepherdess / John Keith Lang / The Bird’s Nest / Brenda Stubbert’s
7. Green Grow the Rashes
8. Wild Mountain Thyme

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