George Stevens - 3 Tunes

2011 ep

3 Tunes - George Stevens

the bright young folk review

3 Tunes is a delightful EP of original tunes by George Stevens. Not only has he written the tunes, but he also plays most of the instruments on the recordings; mainly bouzouki, border pipes and an assortment of percussion.

The opening track, 2 Camels has a north African rhythm underpinning a melody on bouzouki and guitars.

Polesworth Abbey is the standout track, with lovely interweaving melodies on border pipes. George is joined on this track by the Kent Border Pipe Ensemble.

Age of Empires has a mesmeric quality, with the repeated percussive phrases embellished by the solo electric guitar.

The EP shows evidence of Asian, African, and Eastern European influences in its instrumentation and rhythms. This is very much music to chill out to and will appeal to those whose tastes are more at the progressive end of the folk spectrum.

Shelley Rainey

Own label. Released 2011

1. 2 Camels
2. Polesworth Abbey
3. Age of Empires

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