Martin Carthy & Jim Moray discuss English folk guitar

Posted by Christopher Friedenthal 06 May 2013

In the third of our In the Footsteps series Jim Moray talks to Martin Carthy about the elements that forged the English folk guitar style and the influence of Dave Swarbrick, John Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth "Libba" Cotten & Big Bill Broonzy.

With special guest appearances by Martin Simpson & Mawkin’s David Delarre.

Filmed at The Continental in Preston on 28 October 2012. Crew for Bright Young Folk were Christopher Friedenthal & Jim Moray. Celebrity questions by Martin Simpson and David Delarre filmed at the Homegrown Festival on 27 October 2012. Footage of Dave Swarbrick by Bright Young Folk 2011. Photos at Bampton 2002-2003 by Ian Anderson fRoots. Proofed by Mark Dishman & Shelley Rainey. Thanks to Harriet Simms, Ian Anderson & all at The Continental.

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