Emily Smith - Traiveller’s Joy

2011 studio album

Traiveller’s Joy - Emily Smith

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Emily Smith’s ’Traiveller’s Joy’ album combines traditional songs from the ’traivelling folk’ of Scotland with new material written while on tour, a different kind of life on the road.

There is a lightness of touch to the arrangements, with well judged but subtle accompaniments allowing Smith’s wonderful voice to dominate. In the main, the songs are joyous tales of love, particularly good are the enticing ’Sweet Lover of Mine’, ’Take you Home’ and ’Butterflies’.

Smith’s version of the standard, ’Gypsy Davy’ sounds very fresh and is entirely convincing as a tale of a noble lady seduced away from a life of luxury.

Balance to the album is provided by a fine cover of Richard Thompson’s poignant ’Waltzing’s For Dreamers’.

The a capella ’What a Voice’ shows that Emily Smith’s vocals can stand on their own and completes an excellent 5th album from one of Scotland’s outstanding folk artists.

Mike Hough

24 January 2011 release, White Fall Records.

1. Traiveller’s Joy
2. Take You Home
3. Dreams And Lullabies
4. Sweet Lover Of mine
5. Still We Dance
6. Butterfly
7. Waltzings For Dreamers
8. Roll On Lovely Doon
9. Gypsy Davy
10. Lord Donald
11. Somewhere Along The Road
12. What A Voice

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