David Gibb - There Are Birds In My Garden

2011 studio album

There Are Birds In My Garden - David Gibb

the bright young folk review

David Gibb’s second album, There Are Birds in My Garden is a gorgeous combination of honest singing and great instrumental arrangements, all tied up in an infectious style.

The album opens with A Begging I Will Go an updatedthat includes a camper van. David reinvents the song from a touring musician perspective. It is a perky and well-constructed track, and an excellent opener.

Green Grows the Laurel is one of the few traditional tracks on the album, and is set in waltz time. By so doing the sentiment of the piece comes through without it becoming bogged down.

At only 20 it is unsurprising that David draws on childhood memories on a number of tracks, writing about the books and television shows he used to watch, as well as taking a playground rhyme and setting it to music.

However, his authentic voice, without pretensions, also suits more serious material, like Jack McGee, about a soldier home from the trenches.

The vibrancy of many of the tracks on this album makes it one to dance around to all summer. In particular Gospel of the Sun, featuring a catchy refrain and accordion, plus a guest vocal from Lucy Ward, is infectious.

David manages to navigate between pop and folk very successfully, producing with There Are Birds in My Garden, an album to please fans of both genres. An impressive step for a bright young artist.

Liz Osman

Released on Hairpin Records, 11th July 2011.

1. A Begging I Will Go
2. Annie Rose and Alfie
3. This Young Boy
4. Green Grows the Laurel
5. Two Dead Boys
6. Jack McGee
7. Gospel of the Sun
8. I’ll Fall
9. Two Dead Boys (Reprise)
10. Darby and Joan
11. Rag Tag and Bobtail
12. Summer is a Cumen In
13. There are Birds in My Garden

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