Emma Sweeney - The Other Crossing

2010 ep

The Other Crossing - Emma Sweeney

the bright young folk review

The début EP from fiddler Emma Sweeney, is a delightful introduction to an incredible young talent.

Over the course of five tracks Emma deftly introduces the listener to the variety within traditional Irish fiddle tunes. Neatly organising each tune into their respective subgenre (Reels/Jigs/Slow Airs etc…) Emma demonstrates her prowess as an all round Irish fiddle player, as well as ensuring the listener never gets bored of the solo violin and guitar.

The final and title track ’The Other Crossing’ is one of the stand out compositions on the short EP. Categorised as a Mischief/Reel, the tune teases and tricks the listener, defiantly refusing to be pinned down. An avid bluegrass fan, Emma weaves elements of the genre into the tune to add to both the musical joke and the story she spins through her violin.

In contrast, ’Aghaidh Jhanuis’ demonstrates her beautiful melodic style, painting a picture with her bow. Mournful but at the same time uplifting, she brings the music to life with a maturity, which defies her young age.

The Other Crossing is an intriguing introduction to a rising star in the British folk scene. Predominately comprised of original compositions, Emma Sweeney proves herself to be a highly capable composer, and an excellent fiddle player with the confidence to bring her own personality to the traditional tunes.

Mary Stokes

Released 25th October 2010

1. Mucky fingers/ The Mountain Top/ Brid Harper’s
2. Zen Power/ Elizabeth Cullen/ The Rose in the Heather
3. Endless Thoughts/ The Last Straw
4. Aghaidh Jhanuis
4. The Other Crossing

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