Twelfth Day - The Devil Makes Three

2014 studio album

The Devil Makes Three - Twelfth Day

the bright young folk review

The duo Twelfth Day are well established musicians with a great vocabulary for creating brilliant songs for all to enjoy. Their latest album The Devil Makes Three takes all of their experience and talent and mixes them with great concepts and images.

As well as beautiful singers, both these ladies have a great handle on their instruments and they are extremely well rounded with their abilities to write, play and sing. Each song gives us something slightly different and throws in different musical inspirations.

Their overall sound is soft, gentle and warming: in some songs it even feels like they are whispering to you, such as in Magic Circles. The range of music on the album is enjoyable with the duo not putting too much emphasis on one style, but allowing plenty of room for songs and purely instrumental numbers, highlighting their entire range of skills.

One particular song, Young Sir, starts with a great instrumental then goes in to a nice faster paced song that remains soft but adds a little vigour to help mix the album up. Each track is equally as delightful and fresh sounding, using strings to soothe and their angelic voices to keep us interested.

An all around great album.

Paul Rawcliffe

Released 9th June 2014 by Proper Music Ltd

1. Noise Show
2. Magic Circles
3. Me and My Friend
4. Young Sir
5. A City You Can See Out Of
6. Swimming Safe
7. Shapeshifter
8. The Devil Makes Three
9. The Beach
10. Dusking

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