Ian Fontova - Tales of Olden - Vol. 1

2021 ep

Tales of Olden - Vol. 1 - Ian Fontova

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Ian Fontova is a Celtic music composer from Barcelona. In his works he plays a number of different instruments including uilleann pipes, whistles, fiddle, melodeon, bouzouki and guitar, showing good command of all of them in his latest project Tales of Olden. This first volume introduces new soundscapes, inspired from fantasy works like The Lord of the Rings, to his repertoire.

The style of this work can be described as epic Celtic fantasy music. Incisive pipes and whistle lines are underpinned by powerful accompaniments that produce a strong cinematic flavour.

The EP opens with the jig Celtic Riders that immediately allows the listener to grasp the particular sound of this work. It progresses through other four energetic tracks and ends with Rowancath, probably the most remarkable among them for a stunning guitar solo and the fluid whistle playing.

Despite the catchy but robust soundtrack style setting, Fontova’s dexterity displayed on both high and low whistles, and even on uilleann pipes in Clans of Ulaid, is for sure the most striking feature of this EP. The subtle echo in Rowancath only underlines his skills and contributes to the epic mood that is the trademark of the project.

Whilst waiting for the next volume, listeners can enjoy an insight in the author’s very personal perception of literary atmospheres, infused with evocative suggestions of older times and transposed in captivating modern-sounding pieces.

Michele Mele

Released on 29 April 2021

1. Celtic Riders
2. Clans of Ulaid
3. Sailors of Dunain
4. The Boar King
5. Rowancath

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