The Old Swan Band - Swan For The Money

2011 studio album

Swan For The Money - The Old Swan Band

the bright young folk review

The Old Swan Band are a group of musicians who like to have fun. The band was formed in the 1970s and they play an interesting mix of instruments from fiddles, harmonica and percussion to the slightly less expected trombone, saxophones and piano. The resulting sound is rather quirky and very enjoyable.
Every track is a dance tune and they vividly conjure up images of summer evenings in village halls.
The tunes are a mix of old favourites and less well known tunes - many people will be familiar with "Mrs O’Dwyer’s", "The Dashing White Sergeant" or "The Sloe" for instance, but "The Gentiane Marzurka" or Jo Freya’s composition "Grommet" may be less well known. The tunes originate mainly from the British Isles with a few interlopers from France and Quebec.
While this CD should not be taken too seriously, there is no disputing the musicianship of the band.

Shelley Rainey

Released March 2011 on Wildgoose Records

1. Mrs O’Dwyer’s/Packie Russell’s
2. Queen’s Jig/the Basque Jig
3. Walter Bulwer’s 2 & 1
4. Staffordshire Hornpipe/Mad Moll of the Cheshire Hunts
5. Dashing White Sergeant/Brighton Camp
6. Woodcutter’s Jig/The Swedish Dance
7. Gloucester Hornpipe/Polly Put the Kettle On
8.The Sloe/The Sweet Briar/Double Figure 8
9. The Vine Tree/The Gentiane Marzurka
10. The Earl of Mansfield/Bobbie Shafto
11. In Out Out the Windows/Down the Road
12. The Matelot/Michael Turner’s Jig/Captain Lanoe’s Quick March
13. The Rose/J.B.Milne
14. Grand Chain/Grommet

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