Rosie Hodgson - Somewhere North

2012 ep

Somewhere North - Rosie Hodgson

the bright young folk review

Somewhere North is a beautifully balanced 4 track EP from 2013 BBC Young Folk Musician Award nominee Rosie Hodgson. This is an intimate collection of heartfelt songs, each based around Rosie’s superb vocals with a restrained instrumental accompaniment. Also featured on the EP are backing instrumentals from Martin Ruinet on Mandolin.

Three of the songs are original compositions and these show a real songwriting talent, particularly on the poignant and reflective love song ’Need Not Declare’ which features some clever changes of vocal pace.

Liverpool Lullabies is another excellent, evocative and soothing piece while ’Somewhere North’ feels like a very personal piece of songwriting. Complementing the original material, the traditional ’The Snows that Melt’ is given a fresh a capella treatment.

A compelling and skillfully assembled EP.

Mike Hough

2012 self release

1. Need Not Declare
2. Liverpool Lullaby
3. Somewhere North
4. The Snows they Melt

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