Mikey Kenney - Northwestern English Fiddle

2023 studio album

Northwestern English Fiddle - Mikey Kenney

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Everyone who has come across Mikey Kenney’s music can confirm that, both in his domestic and international projects, he has always shown a deep interest in the traditional music of his country, particularly of the North West region of England where he was born and raised.

His latest work is indeed a celebration of this area, of its places, people, humour, landscapes and dialect. The album starts with the upbeat The Old Haile Hornpipe, a display of true dexterity, and includes a lot of fast-paced dance tunes such as The Kendal Reel, Never Mind, Rowland Hornpipe and Lady Lucy Ramsey’s Favourite.

However, this 10 track album also includes more meditative passages emphasizing his lightness of touch, for example his rendition of The Cackling of Ye Hens and The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Reading through the informative sleeve notes one can discover another fascinating detail on the making of this release: Kenney has in fact recorded himself not only on fiddle, but also on whistles and viola. The fact he is the only mind behind all the instruments makes everything feel more intimate and personal, a true tribute of an artist to his muse.

Varied and dynamic, whether you are planning your holidays in the Lake District or a trip to a historical corner in Lancashire, Greater Manchester or Merseyside, Northwestern English Fiddle is the right travel companion for you.

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Released digitally on 30 June 2023. Produced by Mikey Kenny.

1. The Old Haile Hornpipe
2. The Cackling of Ye Hens
3. Satterday Night / Mr Richardson’s Jig
4. A Lancashire Hornpipe / Iron and Coke
5. Borgase’s Jigg / Kendal Reel / Lady Lucy Ramsey’s Favourite
6. The Cuckoo’s Nest
7. Never Mind It / May Day in the Morning/ Drive Aggy to Water
8. Voluna’s Waltz
9. Rowland Hornpipe
10. Set Her Against the Wall / Towny Gate Corner

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