Monster Ceilidh Band - Make Me A Dancer

2009 studio album

Make Me A Dancer - Monster Ceilidh Band

the bright young folk review

An energetic first album from Monster Ceilidh Band, a talented four piece from the Borders.

The more or less expected ceilidh instruments are featured, accordion and fiddle, plus the less traditional electric bass and very effective mandocello (a sort of giant mandolin).

This lively combination delivers a veritable fire hose of ceilidh music and it’s debatable whether the album’s title is a demand from the band or a plea from the listener for urgently needed skills.

The word "ceilidh" is Gaelic for "a visit" and from spontaneous beginnings the tradition has been carried on down the years until today. Whether playing or dancing the key principle is enjoyment and it’s more than obvious the Monster Ceilidh Band enjoy themselves hugely.

The album is presented as if it was a dance mix, with few gaps between the tracks, and is divided roughly into two. The first half reels, the second jigs, and although it slides briefly into various musical styles and diversions the music remains unmistakably ceilidh.

Combining traditional and very good modern tunes the album crackles along very merrily indeed. Perhaps it should come with a guide to ceilidh dance steps.

Martin Pain

Released on 14 September 2009.

The Reels:
1. Insomnia
2. Islay Rant
3. Messi’s
4. Dashing Hell
5. Dirty Bee

The Jigs:
6. Angelica
7. Lamb Biscuit
8. Monaghan
9. AJ’s / MacArthur’s

10. Stomach
11. Steinway Set

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