Haddo - Homecoming

2012 studio album

Homecoming - Haddo

the bright young folk review

Husband and wife Will and Nicky Pound have teamed up musically to produce their first album Homecoming, combining melodeon and harmonica with fiddle and viola.

A first glance at the track listing will reveal some familiar tune titles, but don’t be taken in - many of the arrangements will take you by surprise.

A number of morris tune appear on the album, the first being the opening track Willow Tree. This is followed by the ever popular Princess Royal. The introduction will have you wondering for a while whether it actually is the tune you think it is, with little hints before finally launching into the tune proper.

These two seem to delight in catching the listener out - Simon Care’s waltz Last of the Winter Wine Gums begins with a snippet from Pachelbel’s Canon. The two tunes don’t even share a time signature, but it works.

Guest musicians Martin Simpson (guitar and dobro) and Andy Seward on bass add different textures to two tracks, the first being the title track Homecoming. This has a slightly more laid back feel than the previous, obviously dancy tunes. It was written by Nicky and inspired by childhood holidays in Scotland. We stay in Scotland for Whistle O’er the Lave O’t which is much more mournful in tone that the other tracks. This track features the lovely sound of the Baroque viola.

Another track that will sound familiar, but which may be a bit of a surprise is God Rest Ye Morris - but why not include it, it’s a great tune, and deserves to be danced to!

Will is well known for his virtuosity on the harmonica and the French Canadian Reel is the perfect opportunity for him to show off. It also serves as a great lead in to the final track - Tea for Nicky - a glorious Cajun romp. A great way to finish the album and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Martin Simpson and Andy Seward appear on this track, with percussion from Keith Angel.

Will and Nicky have combined their different musical backgrounds to produce a real treat for the ears.

Shelley Rainey

Released on Lulubug Records, summer 2012.

1. Willow Tree
2. Princess Royal
3. Homecoming
4. Whistle O’er the Lave O’t
5. Upton Upon Severn Stick Dance
6. God Rest Ye Merry Morris Mix
7. Last of the Winter Wine Gums
8. Billinda’s Jig
9. French Canadian Reel
10. Tea for Nicky

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