Glastur - Glastur

2021 ep

Glastur - Glastur

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Glastur are Amy Lewis (fiddle), Mike Pont (guitars, bass and whistles), Martin Laird (whistles), David Fernandez (flutes and whistles) and Gary McEwan (drums). The first release by this newly formed collective based in Glasgow is an eponymous three track EP assembled and recorded whilst in lockdown.

As the title suggests, the opening track Glasgow to Asturias is a set of jigs inspired by the two different backgrounds these musicians come from. The Loop Reel is another lively track centred on a catchy whistle led tune.

Here, just as on the previous track, woodwind and fiddle are supported by the driving force of Pont’s bass lines and McEwan drums. The final piece The Oakwood is a mesmerisingly soft recording with less instruments involved and a more melancholic atmosphere.

Despite this being their first work together, these musicians sound like an already close-knit collective. Pont’s, Laird’s and Fernandez’ whistles and Lewis’ fiddle weave together to create mellow textures underpinned, when needed, by McEwan’s characterful drums.

The overall result is a genuine musicianship and a good variety of atmospheres: the unmistakable sound of friends that enjoy playing music together.

In times of profound uncertainty, these five artists have crafted something their own. We can only wait and hope to hear more.

Michele Mele

Released on 1 December 2022. Recorded by Lewis Cook at La Chunky Studio, Glasgow, mastered by Chris Waite at Gran’s House Studio, Biggar

1. From Glasgow to Asturias
2. The Loop Reel
3. The Oakwood

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