Various Artists - Folk Against Fascism - Volume One

2010 studio album

Folk Against Fascism - Volume One - Various Artists

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Folk Against Fascism came into being after it became apparent that the BNP was encouraging it’s members to insinuate themselves into traditional British music and customs. This double CD set is the first in a planned series of three double albums. The artists feature all support Folk Against Fascism in their work to shut out the BNP.

Firstly , what a great deal - 31 tracks on two CDs for £10, and an excellent selection of music, too. Some of the artists are well known on the folk scene, others less so, a perfect combination for a compilation, and a great way of discovering new artists.

This CD set also offers a great introduction to the “scene” for the non-folkie. There are still those who think that folk music is for and by bearded men with one finger in their ear. This CD will serve to dispel that myth. Many of the artists featured also took part in the FAF Village Fete (where the CD was launched) at the Southbank and the Nowt as Queer as Folk event at Cecil Sharp House over the Mayday bank holiday.

While some of the songs are overtly political (Chris Woods’ Spitfires, Chumbawamba/No Masters Co-op’s Dance Idiot Dance, The Imagined Village’s England Half English), others are just great folk songs or tunes. The material covers a wide range of styles, from the pared down style of Shirley and Dolly Collins on Two Brethren, to the multi-layered complexity of the “big bands”, Blowzabella and Bellowhead.

The names Roy Bailey and Christy Moore will be familiar to many, but the Bevvy Sisters (more mid-40s than folk) will be new names, and worth investigating further. There are many more treats on this album too.

This compilation is definite proof that the British Folk Scene is alive and kicking and won’t let itself by hijacked by the far right.

Shelley Rainey

Released in 2010.

1. The Origin Of The World - Blowzabella
2. Spitfires - Chris Wood
3. Nobody Knew She Was There - The Unthanks
4. Anna Mae - Roy Bailey
5. Wildwood Flower- Laura Veirs
6. England Half English meets John Barleycorn - The Imagined Village feat. Billy Bragg
7. Roll Her Down the Bay - Bellowhead
8. Dance, Idiot, Dance - Chumbawamba /No Masters Co-Op
9. Point The Finger At The Emperor - Ray Hearne
10. High On a Hill - Kate Rusby
11. Pink Triangle - Christy Moore
12. The Littlest Birds - The Bevvy Sisters
13. Horizontigo - Lau
14. Work Harder - Duotone
15. Standing In Line - June Tabor
16. Edges / Thin Waltz - Andy Cutting

1. Martinmas Time - James Yorkston & The Big Eyes Family Players
2. Like I Care - Eliza Carthy
3. Four Loom Weaver - Ian King
4. Subuhanalaii - Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara
5. Beating the Bounds - Jon Boden
6. Softly Good Tummas; Shropshire Lass - Belshazzar’s Feast
7. Roots - Show of Hands
8. Bedlam Boys - Heidi Talbot
9. Colony - Damien Dempsey
10. Under One Sky - John McCusker’s Under One Sky
11. New Voice - Corrina Hewat
12. The Call & The Answer - Kris Drever
13. Holding On - Ruth Notman
14. Safe House - John Tams
15. Two Brethren - Shirley Collins & Dolly Collins

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