David Mitchell & Graham Vincent - Circling the Square

2016 studio album

Circling the Square - David Mitchell & Graham Vincent

the bright young folk review

Circling the Square is folk duo Mitchell and Vincent’s second release. Hailing from Dorset and Somerset and having played with Kate Rusby and Tim Edey, they are well known and respected around the festival scene and throughout the south west.

David Mitchell and Graham Vincent perform with fiddle, voice and classical guitar, however their sound is much deeper and richer than you would expect from an acoustic duo. Intricate instrumentalism and pulsing rhythms abound, with fiddle and guitar playing styles that span the ruggedness of session playing to the gentle virtuosity of lament and love song. They display a deep understanding and appreciation of their instruments, further enhanced, possibly, by them both being skilled luthiers.

Listeners will be delighted by Mitchell and Vincent’s rendition of the perennial folk classic, Pleasant and Delightful (The Larks they Sang Melodious) which is sung and played with care and feeling, and an accompaniment that is both subtle and touching.

Originally made famous by Martin Carthy, High Germany features haunting fiddle with gentle and delicate guitar playing in support of Graham Vincent’s excellent vocals in a memorable interpretation. Both are fine, fresh versions of these well-loved English folk classics.

The pace picks up in the set Paddy went to London - The Cliffs of Moher, where fiddle and guitar expertly combine in two lively Irish jigs. Delivered with energy, skill and passion this set is sure to get the feet tapping. There is also lively, vibrant interpretation of Calliope House and The Rakes of Kildare reflecting both Scottish and Irish influences, with Mitchell and Vincent extracting maximum impact and effect from their instruments.

Hector the Hero - The Shores of Lough Gowna - Jim Ward’s Jig is an eclectic mix of style, form and culture. One cannot help but be touched by the excellent interpretation of James Scott Skinner’s poignant Scottish lament, before being driven forward by the infectious The Shores of Loch Gowna and Jim Ward’s Jig, two energetically performed pieces, bringing lift and contrast to this interesting set.

Established lovers of traditional music, and those newer to its delights, will equally enjoy this fine offering from Mitchell and Vincent. Circling the Square captures the intimacy, warmth and welcome normally only found at a local folk venue, whilst providing skilled arrangements and expert delivery of tunes and songs which showcase the vibrancy, and variety, of folk music across Britain. A thoroughly engaging and enjoyable experience.

Andy McMillan

Self released on 1st August 2016 on Bandcamp
Produced by David Mitchell and Graham Vincent

1. High Germany
2. Paddy went to London - The Cliffs of Moher
3. John Brosnan’s - West Kerry - Nessa the Mover
4. Maggie’s Pancakes - The Musical Priest - Tam Lyn
5. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
6. Calliope House - The Rakes of Kildare
7. Hector the Hero - The Shores of Lough Gowna - Jim Ward’s Jig
8. Pleasant and Delightful (The Larks they Sang Melodious)
9. Morgan Rattler - Lads of Alnwick - Morgan Rattler

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