Arlet - Arlet

2013 ep

Arlet - Arlet

the bright young folk review

Arlet is the eponymously-titled debut EP release from this Canterbury-based folk collective. Entirely instrumental, the music straddles the boundary between folk and classical, combining instruments such as double bass and clarinet with the folk sounds of the accordion and guitar.

The opening The Morning After is perhaps the most folky of the offerings, with the relaxed air of a jamming session amongst good friends. Edinburgh Fringe is dreamy and relaxing whilst Para Lucia is a tight and elegant arrangement.

Jesus mi Amigo is the most classical of the tracks with strong violin and double bass featuring effectively. This is revisited in the remixed version that is the fifth and final track on Arlet, Jesus mi Amigo (Found Sound Remix). This is experimental and interesting, but perhaps a little out of kilter with the rest of the EP.

Arlet is a very contemporary and fresh sound EP, fine summer listening.

Mike Hough

Dawn Chorus Recording Company

1. Morning After
2. Jesus mi Amigo
3. Para Lucia
4. Edinburgh Fringe
5. Jesus mi Amigo (Seth’s Found Sound Remix)

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