Yan Yates - Demo

2008 studio album

Demo - Yan Yates

the bright young folk review

Yan Yates is a currently unsigned singer songwriter, originally from Middlesbrough but now playing mainly in the London area. His music is advertised as ’nu-folk’ which I think of as essentially traditional folk music with some experimental or technological influences. I’d describe Yates’ music as more typical acoustic guitar songs with a variable level of influence from folk music but also with some resonance with country music and a bit of harmonica from the blues. If I heard this on the radio,I wouldn’t necessarily flag it as folk. Its the sort of music that would be equally at home round the camp-fire or playing to a small cosy venue.

This CD is a collection of three tracks, each sung either by Yates alone or with a female backing vocalist. The first Delirium is the most ’folk’ of the three, with its tale of a footloose vagabond. Khyber Dreams is more bluesy. Sleeping in Denial is a beautiful acoustic guitar song which I was very impressed by - but its definitely not folk.

This is a difficult record to categorise, but I really liked it. Sleeping in Denial has been a regular on my mp3 player for a while now. I’d recommend this if you like good acoustic guitar songs with folk influences, but its maybe not one for the purists.

Mike Hough

Self released in 2008.

Track listing pending

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