Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - The Seas Are Deep

2011 studio album

The Seas Are Deep - Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

the bright young folk review

The Seas are Deep is a 9-track album by duo Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker. The talents of Clarke (vocals, recorders) and Walker (instrumentals) combine well, with a real sense that they have a profound musical connection.

A real highlight is Ben Walker’s masterful guitar solo, The Seas Are Deep, full of subtle changes of pace and a compelling and engaging composition. Indeed, the album is driven by Walker’s sparse yet engaging instrumental backing to Clarke’s characterful vocals which have a rare clarity; this combination is particularly evident on Black is the Colour.

Lily of the West features quality emotional storytelling with multi-layered vocals and a well-judged accompaniment from guitar and percussion.

As a well balanced duo with a subtle approach to their music, Clarke and Walker have produced an elegant and engaging album.

Mike Hough

2011 release

1.Silver Dagger
2.Hares On The Mountain
3.Lily Of The West
4. My Donal
5. Black Is The Colour
6. John Riley
7. Ben Walker - The Seas Are Deep
8. Rain And Snow
9. Reynardine

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