Cole & Van Dijk - Sins of a Li’l Later Kiss

2012 studio album

Sins of a Li’l Later Kiss - Cole & Van Dijk

the bright young folk review

Cole & Van Dijk may be a new name to many British ears, but they’re certainly no new kids on the block. In fact, Jevan Cole (guitar) and Jan Van Dijk (fiddle) can boast over 20 years’ experience on the Australian folk scene.

This eclectic duo brings new meaning to the term ’world music,’ as they take inspiration from European folk traditions and embellish each tune with a unique flavour from the other side of the globe.

The album opens with the intertwining of skilled and punchy violin melodies in Summertime Widow- Detour Deluxe. This accomplished track effortlessly weaves together different strands of tunes, gathering them up into one seamless and enjoyable whole.

Incidentally, this track is featured in the album’s fantastically quirky promotional video, which you can see below.

Powerfully catchy violin tunes are a feature throughout this record, and You’ve Got Me All At Sea is another great example, with the fiddle soaring up through the atmospheric accompaniment of the guitar.

Some lovely harmonies are on display in the album, and Bogan’s March - Carpenter’s Morris gives a good taster of this. Alternation of tempo is another strong theme across the tracks, with strong and pacey rhythms set against more relaxed sections in Bruny-Athur McBride.

The album is driven by the warm tones of Cole’s ’fingerstyle’ guitar technique, which is shown at its best in Menagerie, a track where relaxed strumming builds in pace to show the full breadth of the guitar’s capabilities.

With one tune effortlessly skipping into another, Sins of a L’il Later Kiss is a treat for the ears. This one comes recommended for anyone with a weakness for a catchy fiddle tune - as well as anyone who’s curious about what happens to British folk music when it gets an Australian twist!

Lucy Houlden

Released 12th November 2012 by Vitamin Records

1. Summertime Widow-Detour Deluxe
2. Old Leaves And A Cold Creek - A Red High Chair
3. You’ve Got Me All At Sea
4. Bruny-Athur McBride
5. Bogan’s March-Carpenter’s Morris
6. Leaving Raven
7. Slow Like Bells -The Assassin...
8. Three Day’s Notice
9. Good Morning to My Nightcap...
10. Menagerie
11. Lonesome John Yew Piney Mountain

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