The Crooked Fiddle Band - Rise

2008 studio album

Rise - The Crooked Fiddle Band

the bright young folk review

Australian group ’The Crooked Fiddle Band’ describe themselves as ’chainsaw folk’ and the punk influence that implies is certainly present in their new EP ’Rise’. The band’s music is intense, vibrant and in places quite dark. Built around a core of folk tradition are elements of Balkan fiddle dance, aboriginal music, metal, Americana and classical music.

The Crooked Fiddle Band freely skip across boundaries and meld genres to create a truly unique sound. They play with great virtuosity, passion and speed, but also focus and discipline.

’Rise’ comprises six tracks and marks a step up in complexity from their eponymous debut EP. Opening the EP, ’The Rom Rebellion’ takes the listener on an frenetic, whirling and atmospheric gypsy dance. Slightly more conventional in tone,’ The Milkman’ and ’Rain in the Morning’ are excellent fiddle-based instrumentals with a Scottish feel, while ’Angelique’ has a more classical, measured air. Two tracks on Rise feature vocals and they really couldn’t be more different. At nearly 10 minutes long, “Rise of the Sapiens” is a remarkable piece of concept music featuring throaty singing in the style of a didgeridoo, while ’Run Leroy Run’ breaks into pure frenetic Americana.

The Crooked Fiddle Band are not quite like anything you’ve heard before and they hit these shores for a tour in July 2010. So why not give them a try?

Mike Hough

Released on 26 September 2008.

1. The Rom Rebellion - 3:28
2. The Milkman - 4:19
3. Rain in the Morning - 4:05
4. Run Leroy Run - 3:34
5. Angelique - 6:56
6. Rise of the Sapiens - 9:58

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