Damian Helliwell - Metta

2014 studio album

Metta - Damian Helliwell

the bright young folk review

Damian Helliwell is quickly building a strong name for himself because of his involvement with Daimh and also a recent EP. His new album features Damian in his prime with some fantastic guest performers to help deliver his music.

The music is a milestone for Damian as he has spent a long time writing music and playing music for it all to finally manifest into this album.

The music itself is inspired by the Hebridean island of Eigg and the beauty of the music helps to paint an image of what the land itself must be like.

This instrumental albums offers a good variety of different musical styles with some nice soft and gentle slows like ’Jen’s’ and ’Icy hill’ both with strong piano intros, to slightly faster tunes like ’Ask the Sphinx’ but all still capture that feeling of serenity and peace.

There is a very nice range of instruments on the album with Piano, banjo, fiddle and percussion all slotting together nicely to bring us beautiful Celtic styled songs like ’Tadhgan Steps’ and then more mysterious and exotic sounds like ’The Slovenian’

The whole album shows a lot of hard work and is a credit to Damian. We can only hope that more good work comes soon.

Paul Rawcliffe

Self Released June 2014.

1. Tadhgan Steos
2. Phi
3. Jen’s
4. Ask the Sphinx
5. Princess Neribehee
6. Trean’s
7. Chessmaster Vlad
8. Fear of Askaval
9. Icy Hill
10. The Slovenian
11. Awkward Phrase

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