Hornswaggle - Heart, Soul & Blood

2012 ep

Heart, Soul & Blood - Hornswaggle

the bright young folk review

With a flurry of enthusiasm, a bucketload of energy and more swashbuckling than you could shake a stick at, Hornswaggle are making their mark as they introduce their first EP, Heart, Soul and Blood.

This four piece line-up features Chris (vocals, guitar and accordion), Damien (double bass and accordion), Emily (vocals) and Šárka (violin). Throughout this first record, the band experiments with different types of sound, from the pirate shanty feel of Red right through to the tango-style rhythms explored in ’til Death Do Us Part.

The second track on the record, Tallulah’s House of Delights, features the line, ’let fantasy take flight,’ which sums up Hornswaggle very well, as storytelling appears to form a vital element of this foursome’s musical identity.

Amongst their specialities, they include songs about ’pirates, hangings, houses of ill repute, booze and pagan romps.’ Little wonder, then, that the band was first formed in the dusty cellar of an alehouse!

The standout track here is The Circle. With its catchy tune and swift pace, this is a piece which should get you singing along, and there are some great vocal harmonies on display, as well as a fantastic violin solo bursting out.

The band is currently playing live at venues across the UK, as well as working on a full time album, so keep your eyes peeled for more hornswaggling fun coming your way soon!

Lucy Houlden

Released by Point Hill Publishing as a digital download in late 2012 and CD in 2013

1. Red
2. Tallulah’s House of Delights
3. The Sun on Your Face
4. ’til Death Do Us Part
5. The Circle

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