Dervish - From Stage To Stage

2010 live recording

From Stage To Stage - Dervish

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From Stage to Stage is a new live album from well-established Irish group ’Dervish’, with tracks recorded at two major festivals: ’Sligo Live’ in Ireland in 2006 and the 2009 ’Sebastapol Celtic Festival’ in California. The release celebrates the band’s 21st anniversary and the CD is packaged with a DVD featuring a live Dublin concert at RTE studios.

The album features tracks from throughout Dervish’s long career and fans will not be disappointed. The lively feel of a gig is certainly present and the infectious enthusiasm of the band for the music comes through well. Dervish are a top class group and the songs are all very well crafted and polished, led by Cathy Jordan’s fine voice.

As a live album, ’Stage to Stage’ will particularly appeal to established fans and those who have seen Dervish play live. However, for a listener new to the band, the number of lengthy ’live’ verbal introductions before most of the songs could get frustrating, particularly on repeat listening and so this may not be the best starting point for getting into the musical world of Dervish.

Here, Dervish play ’Red Haired Mary’

Mike Hough

Bonus DVD included featuring footage recorded at RTE studios
Release date: 21st May 2010
Record label: Whirling Discs

CD1 - Sebastopol Concert:
1. Intro
2. The Swallows Tail
3. Intro
4. Lord Levett
5. The Bealtaine Set
6. The Masters Return
7. Intro
8. I Courted a Wee Girl (with Vasen and Mike Marshall)
9. Josefin’s Waltz ( with Vasen / Mike Marshall)
10. Intro
11. Slangpolska efter Byss-Calle (with Vasen, Mike Marshall, Martin Hayes, Denis Cahill)

CD2 - Sligo Live Concert:
12. The Coolea Jigs
13. Intro
14. The Cat she went a-Hunting
15. Intro
16. Boots of Spanish Leather
17. Intro
18. John Blessings
19. Intro
20. Red-Haired Mary
21. Intro
22. There’s Gold in Them Hills (with Ron Sexmith and Duke Special)
23. Intro
24. Apples in Winter

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