The Campbells of Greepe - Fonn

2012 studio album

Fonn - The Campbells of Greepe

the bright young folk review

Fonn forms part, together with a recently published book, of a project from renowned musical family The Campbells, hailing from the Isle of Skye and the recipients of numerous awards for their work in the world of Gaelic music. Mary Anne, Kenna and Seumas Campbell are joined by Wilma Kennedy and Maggie MacDonald.

Sung entirely in Gaelic, Fonn is a combination of song and mouth music that encapsulates the essence of a great tradition.

The album is all about the vocals of the singers and their various combinations. This works very well indeed where Seumas Campbell’s deeper tones are mixed with the higher notes from the other singers, particularly standing out in this respect is Seat an Sprèidh and the slower paced Uamh an Òir. At times the pace of certain tracks seems a little fast, particularly on Seat nan Nighean, impressively intricate though the singing is.

Fonn is a fascinating album offering a window into an ancient yet vibrant Gaelic tradition.

Mike Hough

Watercolour Music Ltd

1. Ceud Soraidh, Ceud Slàinte
2. Seat nan Gillean
3. Cha Tig Mòr mo Bhean Dhachaigh
4. Mùgarradh is Grùlainn
5. Cnoc nan Craobh
6. Seat nan Nighean
7. Àirigh Luachrach Ùige
8. Seat Alasdair
9. Fhir a’ Chinn Duibh
10. Sìos Dhan an Abhainn
11. M’ Agh Donn
12. Seat an Sprèidh
13. Uamh an Òir

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