Cordelia’s Dad - Double Live

2011 live recording

Double Live - Cordelia’s Dad

the bright young folk review

Double Live is as the name suggests a new live album from leading American folk group, Cordelia’s Dad. Fronted by Tim Eriksen, Cordelia’s Dad have been forerunners both in electric folk-rock and well rooted, acoustic Americana. The line up has changed over the years, in this case the artists are Tim Eriksen, Peter Irvine, Eliza Cavanaugh, Gerald Gualberto and Laura Risk. Eriksen and Cavanaugh combine effectively on vocals throughout.

The second disc, ’Electric’ will sound the most familiar to established fans and provides an entertaining tour of the band’s best known songs including their classic interpretations of the traditional ’Delia’, ’Will the Circle be Unbroken’ and ’Johnny has Gone for a Soldier’. The band are in good form here, although the material will all be familiar to those who own previous albums.

In contrast, disc one, ’Acoustic’ has a much more intimate feel, being pared down to the basics and performed at a measured pace. Highlights include the largely a capella ’Katy Cruel’ and the entertainingly risqué ’Spencer Rifle’. The material here is a real insight into American folk song and all the more effective for its restrained accompaniment.

Mike Hough

Released on CD Baby.Com/Indys

Disc One: Acoustic

1. Farewell to Old Bedford 2:12
2. May Blooming Field 2:40
3. George Collins 2:36
4. Katy Cruel 3:08
5. Little Margaret 2:45
6. Friendship 2:28
7. Reel à Édouard / Brandy 2:59
8. The Dying Californian 2:22
9. Sandy Boys (Fiddlesticks) 3:31
10. Wake Up 1:55
11. Granite Mills 3:29
12. Spencer Rifle 3:19
13. Return Again 2:01

Disc 2: Electric

1. Jersey City 3:10
2. Three Snake Leaves 4:01
3. Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still 3:20
4. Camille(’s Not Afraid of the Barn) 2:43
5. Little Speckled Egg 2:44
6. Upswing 3:18
7. Leave Your Light On 3:30
8. Shallow Brown 5:09
9. Delia 2:49
10. Song of the Heads 4:14
11. Brother Judson 4:57
12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken 3:50
13. Idumea 3:54
14. Commando 1:33
15. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier 2:25
16. Surrender 4:16

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