Kim Lowings & The Greenwood - Deepest, Darkest Night

2013 ep

Deepest, Darkest Night - Kim Lowings & The Greenwood

the bright young folk review

Kim Lowings is one of the new kids on the block who is making great strides in the folk world and is impressing a lot of people. With one album and two EPs under her belt the number of fans is already large and will keep growing.

Deepest, Darkest Night is her latest EP containing four sweet songs with steady guitar playing and passionate vocals, with a nice mix of backing instruments to give a great platform for storytelling.

Kim’s style of music is very story-focussed and her vocals do a great job of keeping the listener hanging on her words as the background music then swarms in and to pull them into the story. Particularly the title track and Off To Sea are very sad in story yet still a great pleasure to listen to.

Even on a four track EP there is a good variety in style, with The Cruel Mother’s chorus arrangement that is enchanting, as well as good instrumental parts in Annie Laurie that are vigorous and show the listener that Kim’s range for playing and arranging is wide and varied.

The EP is a great listen and hopefully is simply teasing the world of more to come.

Paul Rawcliffe

Released August 2013 by Greenwood Recordings

1. Deepest, Darkest Night
2. Off to Sea
3. The Cruel Mother
4. Annie Laurie

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