Coreen Scott - Beyond the Sea

2013 studio album

Beyond the Sea - Coreen Scott

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Beyond the Sea is an album of songs from Scottish wedding singer Coreen Scott. On this her second album release she is joined by a large cast of supporting musicians. The songs are interpretations and covers of popular music in a mix of languages, namely English, French and Portuguese, and some folk numbers. The material covers a broad and eclectic range but as a result lacks perhaps a little cohesion as an album, being more a collection of good but separate songs.

La Mer is a beautifully breezy version, transporting the listener to a stylish French seaside getaway. Several more French songs are featured, while Portuguese songs such as Manha de Carnival are more emotional and again evocative.

The British folk tradition is visited in Briar and the Rose with more contemporary material in Bob Dylan’s To Make you Feel My Love and Songbird from Christine McVie, the latter being particularly well sung here. Throughout, the tone is light and positive, often bringing a smile to the listener’s face.

An entertaining album and great for a summer afternoon.

Mike Hough

Self release 2013

1. La Mer
2. Weeping
3. To make you feel my love
4. Island of dreams
5. La vie en rose
6. Black is the colour
7. Songbird
8. Manha de carnaval
9. Briar and the rose
10. Les feuilles mortes/ Autumn leaves
11. Say its not true
12. Summerwind
13. Shelter
14. Sympathetique
15. Who knows where the time goes

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