The Halton Quartet - Based On True Events

2012 studio album

Based On True Events - The Halton Quartet

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The Halton Quartet was formed from two well-regarded Scottish duos, namely Wingin’ It (comprising Chas Mackenzie and Adam Bulley) and Angus Lyon & Ruaridh Campbell, following their 2007 meeting on the boat MV Halton. Based on True Events is their debut album release, comprising nine original compositions based, as the title suggests on true stories known to the group.

Purely instrumental and driven by strong fiddle work, the Halton Quartet pack quite a punch. Theirs is a multifaceted and rich sound, full of energy yet also quite subtle. With a strong traditional base, the musicians are not afraid to experiment with modern elements, particularly on the excellent, jazzy & funky Then and Now.

The Violin Maker is a beautifully laid back piece with fine finger picking, while The Fall of Warness opens with a rapid guitar intro before a series of pace changes alternately thrill and relax the listener.

An excellent debut album, promising fine things to come.

Mike Hough

Self released

1. Washington Square Park
2. Triger Pt 1
3. Triger Pt 2
4. Burger the Rabbit
5. The Violin Maker
6. The Balkeerie Lights
7. The Fall of Warness
8. The Good Ship Halton
9;. Then and Now

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