Laura Victoria - Acting Up

2010 ep

Acting Up - Laura Victoria

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Hailing from Northumberland, Laura Victoria has grown up going to folk festivals. She has already supported a number of artists, including fellow North-Eastern musician Jez Lowe. ’Acting Up’ is her first release.

The cellist singer-songwriter has produced a fun and quirky set of songs, with a distinctive voice to match, covering in her own words "love affairs, tea, shipwrecks and imaginary worlds".

The opening track, Your Song is Sweeter, sets the tone for the album, with cello and guitar creating an upbeat feel. Whilst Plain Jane puts a funk edge to proceedings with syncopated rhythms and some stylish fiddle playing.

My True Love Once He Courted Me is the one traditional track on the EP. Beginning completely unaccompanied, it is a lovely rendition providing real pathos to a quite depressing tale. It would not be out of place on an Unthanks album.

The final tracks of the EP swerve into Laura’s inner thoughts, particularly Underground World. A Cup of Tea could easily become an anthem to many a tea addict. Meanwhile, the hidden final track has distinct echoes of Kate Bush in the vocal delivery.

’Acting Up’ leaves the listener enlivened from a distinct sound and a summery feel. It will be interesting to hear a full album of this cello-folk.

Liz Osman

Released in 2010

1. Your Song is Sweeter
2. My True Love Once He Courted Me
3. Plain Jane
4. Love Strike Me Down
5. Underground World
6. A Cup of Tea

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