Heg & The Wolf Chorus - A Tale of Sailors

2014 ep

A Tale of Sailors - Heg & The Wolf Chorus

the bright young folk review

A Tale of Sailors is the debut EP from Heg & the Wolf Chorus, a Bristol-based five piece who, in their own words “love to tell a story”. They certainly achieve that on this interesting and enjoyable recording.

From the sinister opening chords of Three Sailors, it is obvious that they have mastered the art of being unusual without being too esoteric. The instrumentation in this song is understated, but a perfect accompaniment to the beautiful harmonies created by the group.

This is followed by the brilliant Annie of the Atlantic, which is the highlight of the EP. It is a fine mix of an engaging melody, clever accompaniments and perfectly-executed harmony which could hardly fail to impress. The melody shows off Helen Brignall’s fine voice, which is beautifully clear throughout the register, and perfectly suited to this song.

The remaining two tracks continue the winning formula, with equal success, and they only further the impression of a very tight and proficient ensemble. In conclusion, anyone hearing this group for the first time can only be excited to hear more of their work in the future.

Will Wilkins

Released on Lantern of Voyage Recordings on 24th November 2014

1. Three Sailors
2. Annie of the Atlantic
3. Boat and I
4. Sea Shanty for Bessie Harker

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