Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag - 500 Sessions

2013 studio album

500 Sessions - Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag

the bright young folk review

This 2013 second album (named after the card game ’500’) by the sizable Shetland band incorporates a quirky collection of melodic Nordic and traditional tunes.

Curiously, the band name derives from combining the words ’full scale ceilidh’ and the Nordic word for a gathering of fiddle-players and other instruments. Formed in 2005, Fullsceilidh’s talented musicians are known for their high energy performances with substantially foot-stomping effects. After their greatly successful debut album Spreefix (2009) this long-awaited album doesn’t fail to surpass high expectations.

The theme of the album is immediately set by uplifting and jolly tracks such as Craa Dang Pussy and Spreefix. These ever-twisting and changing tunes are strongly lead by the many fiddles that demonstrate the musicians’ talent for tightness of play. The great variation of pace makes them a riveting listen.

Liz Carroll’s is cleverly arranged, with a pleasing contrast of the soaring fiddle melodies and the grittier undertones of the guitar and drums. Pure Candy and Daner’s Tunes are, appropriately, highly evocative of ceilidh dancing with a mildly circus-esque vibe.

Redbird stands out with a strong mandolin-led theme throughout, whereas Da Blinnd Deuk stands as a simpler yet no less charming set that boasts intricate fiddle harmonies.

Trip to Austin, Cavers & Dreamers are the slower-paced tracks; enchanting, swinging and a little melancholy, they highlight the dexterity and variety of the band’s skills. The Cavers set stands out on the album as particularly beautiful.

500 Sessions proves a perfect balance between the instantly recognisable tones of traditional folk with the more foreign yet greatly successful incorporation of Nordic sounds. Varied in pace and emotion, this album is a thoroughly pleasurable listen that would appease anyone and everyone.

Emily Bright

Self-released in May 2013

1. Craa Dang Pussy
2. Spreefix
3. Liz Carroll’s
4. Trip to Austin
5. Cavers
6. Pure Sandy
7. Da Blinnd Deuk
8. Danish Tunes
9. Redbird
10. Dreamers

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