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Bellowhead recording Hedonism at Abbey Road
Belshazzar’s Feast discuss their winter album Frost Bites
Challenges - Final Bellowhead interview part one
Eliza Carthy on being in the folk music tradition
Eliza Carthy on recording a new CD with her mother
Faustus are Broken Down Gentlemen
Giles Lewin on his solo CD The Armchair Orienteer
Giles Lewin on playing with Bellowhead and Maddy Prior
Hannah James & Sam Sweeney talk about Catches & Glees
Having fun on stage - Final Bellowhead interview part three
In conversation with Jim Moray part 1 - I am Jim Moray EP and Sweet England
In conversation with Jim Moray part 2 - the Jim Moray CD and Low Culture
In conversation with Jim Moray part 3 - The folk & morris revival
In conversation with Jim Moray part 4 - Twitter & production work
In conversation with Jim Moray part 5 - Recording In Modern History part 1
In conversation with Jim Moray part 6 - Recording In Modern History part 2
Jackie Oates on her new album The Joy of Living
Jim Causley talks about his BBC Devon radio show and the end of Mawkin:Causley
John Spiers & Jon Boden celebrate their tenth anniversary
John Spiers at the Oxford Folk Festival 2009
John Spiers on English folk music
Jon Boden answers fans’ questions
Jon Boden Interview
Kerfuffle discuss their new mid-Winter CD and tour Lighten the Dark
Lau talk about playing live, musical inspirations and beekeeping
Lau talk about their new CD Arc Light
Lewis Garland and the Kett Rebellion on their Klezmer influence and state of the music industry
Maclaine Colston & Saul Rose discuss their debut album Sand & Soil
Maclaine Colston interview
Mawkin:Causley - folk’s boy band?
Mawkin:Causley talk about The Awkward Recruit
Megson recording When I Was a Lad...
Post-Bellowhead plans - Final Bellowhead interview part six
Proudest Moments - Final Bellowhead interview part two
Rachael McShane talks about her solo CD and plans with Bellowhead
Saul Rose interview
Seth Lakeman answers fan’s questions
Seth Lakeman on his upcoming record Hearts & Minds
Sleeping on the tour bus - Final Bellowhead interview part four
The Cecil Sharp Project working on material at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival song house
The Elizabethan Session in the Folk by the Oak songhouse
The Imagined Village discuss Empire & Love
The Imagined Village discuss the accusation that English folk music is “arthritically white”
What will you miss? - Final Bellowhead interview part five
Wheeler Street Interview