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Eliza Carthy discography

Eliza Carthy - Heat Light & Sound

1996 studio album

Also features:

Dylan Clarke (double bass, vocal, percussion)
Martin Ellison (melodeon)
James Fagan (bouzouki, vocal)
Thorn Fontenot (triangle)
Olly Knight (electric guitar)
Dan Plews (guitar)
Barnaby Stradling (bass guitar)
Sam Thomas (drums, percussion, vocal)
Jock Tyldesley (fiddle)
Hazel Wrigley (keyboard)

1. Cold Wet and Rainy Night/Grand Hornpipe
2. Cumberland Waltz/Petit Homme/Miss Bowles’
3. What a Beau your Granny is/Stone Steps
4. Ten Thousand Miles/Bacca Pipies
5. Clark Sanders
6. Stamps for the Dog
7. Peggy
8. Blind Fiddler
9. Lady Barnsley’s Fancy/Trip to Cartmel/Hardy’s Crow
10. By Then
11. Sheath and Knife
12. Jacky Tar

Eliza Carthy discography

Heat Light & Sound - Eliza Carthy
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