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Bright Young Folk is run, kept up to date and paid for by a team of volunteers after an idea was formed on the Spiers and Boden messageboard. If you are interested in contributing, please let us know, we'd love to hear from you.

The team

Editor: Christopher Friedenthal
Copy editor: Liz Osman
Social media editor: Shelley Rainey
Photographer: Alan Cole

The current review team is Andy McMillan, Christopher C Leslie, Darren Johnson, James Motteram, Mike Ainscoe, Nick Hart, Stephen Witkowski & Will Wilkins.

The following fine people have also written for us at various points over the past 10 years Alan Cole, Carol Whinnom, Cazzer, Christopher Friedenthal, Ciaran Algar, Craig, Dan Simpson, Dave beeby, Eleanor White, Emily Bright, Josiah Mortimer, Karin Horowitz, Liz Osman, Lizzi Michael, Louise Bland, Louise Parmakis, Lucy Houlden, Mark Dishman, Martin Pain, Mary Stokes, Mike Hough, Nigel Parry, Patrick Rose, Paul Rawcliffe, Paul Woodgate, Rebekah Foard, Rob Fearnley, Rosamund Woodroffe, Roy Spencer, Shelley Rainey, Sol Loreto-Miller, Sophie Dennis, Stephen Lovell & Su O’Brien.

The legal stuff

The design and code of the website are ©Christopher Friedenthal 2008 - 2018.
Band Photographs ©Alan Cole of Music Festival Photos.