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CrossCurrent discography

CrossCurrent - Momentum

2005 studio album

Released on 25 Jul 2005 by Focal.

1. The Potato & Egg Shop (Mooney/Medio/O’Kane/Kinsman-Blake)
2. Bruton Town (Trad/Wood)
3. The Fiddle Set (Hughes/Leutreau/Trad)
4. New York Trader (Trad/Wood)
5. The Mountain Road (Trad/Molloy/Gorman)
6. The Cuckoo (Trad/McShane)
7. Claire’s Waltzes (Mooney/Kinsman-Blake)
8. The Burning of the Piper’s Hut (Trad/Gow/Fraser)
9. Lough Erne Shore (Trad)
10. The Seagull Jigs (Farr/Trad/Trad/Macleod)
11. Moon Sphinx (McShane)

CrossCurrent discography

Momentum - CrossCurrent
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