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Bellowhead - Christmas Bells / Jingle Bells

2013 single

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In the seasonal single Christmas Bells / Jingle Bells from Bellowhead, snatches of well-known Christmas riffs are linked by trademark Bellowhead instrumentals and Jon Boden vocals, with a particularly strong showing from the horn section.

Christmas Bells is based on the mummer’s play ’Christmas: his pageant play or Mysterie of St. George’, published in 1842. This is an unusual take on the idea of Father Christmas, linking him to the sword and shield-armed St. George and on the way giving a window into a rather odd and magical world.

The second track, Jingle Bells opens unexpectedly with a snatch of ’We Wish you a Merry Christmas’, before diving into a gentle ’Oompah’ rhythm. There’s a sharp split in pacing between a measured verse and a rapid-fire chorus - it’s entertaining for it and rather more lush and dissolute than the typical carol version.

Mike Hough

Navigator Records, 1st December 2013

1. Christmas Bells
2. Jingle Bells

Bellowhead discography

Christmas Bells / Jingle Bells - Bellowhead
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