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Waterson:Carthy discography

Waterson:Carthy - The Definitive Collection

2005 compilation

Released by Highpoint on 7 March 2005.

1. Bold Doherty
2. Stars In My Crown (Blue Murder)
3. Ye Mariners All
4. Rowling Hornpipe/Our Cat Has Kitted/Bleaton Gardens/Sportsman’s Hornpipe
5. Forsaken Mermaid
6. Hares In The Old Plantation
7. Bay Of Biscay
8. Balancy Straw/Seventeen Come Sunday/Whitefriars Hornpipe
9. Captain Kidd
10. Flash Company
11. Devil And The Farmer
12. Jacob’s Well
13. Goodbye Fare You Well

Waterson:Carthy discography

The Definitive Collection - Waterson:Carthy
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