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Seth Lakeman discography

Seth Lakeman - Poor Man’s Heaven

2008 studio album

Released on June 30 2008 by Relentless. Recorded over 2007 and 2008 in Cornwall. Produced by Sean and Seth Lakeman.

1. The Hurlers
2. Feather In A Storm
3. Crimson Dawn
4. Blood Red Sky (co-written with Steve Knightley)
5. Solomon Browne
6. Cherry Red Girl
7. Haunt You (co-written with Steve Knightley)
8. Race To Be King
9. Poor Man’s Heaven
10. Greed And Gold (co-written with Steve Knightley)
11. Sound Of A Drum (A reworking of traditional song, The Unquiet Grave)

An exclusive track "Nature’s Law" was is available via a link on

Seth Lakeman discography

Poor Man’s Heaven - Seth Lakeman
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