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Seth Lakeman discography

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Seth Lakeman - Kitty Jay

2004 studio album

Released by iScream in 2004. Recorded by Sean Lakeman in the Piano Kitchen, Horrabridge in Devon. Produced by Sean Lakeman and Seth Lakeman. Was short-listed for the Mercury Music Prize for 2005 and inspired by stories and legends from Dartmoor.

Seth Lakeman: Vocals, tenor guitar, violin, viola
Sean Lakeman: Guitar, electric bass, mandolin
Ben Nicholls: Double bass
Iain Goodall: Drums
Kathryn Roberts: Vocals
Benji Kirkpatrick: Bouzouki, vocals
Audrey Mills: Church organ

1. John Lomas (traditional) - 3:52
2. The Bold Knight (Seth Lakeman) - 3:51
3. Fight For Favour (Seth Lakeman) - 4:03
4. Kitty Jay (Seth Lakeman) - 3:12
5. Farewell My Love (Seth Lakeman) - 2:22
6. Blood Upon Copper (Seth Lakeman) - 3:04
7. Henry Clark (traditional) - 3:02
8. The Storm (Seth Lakeman) - 2:41
9. Cape Clear (traditional) - 4:20
10. The Ballad of Josie (Seth Lakeman) - 3:25
11. The Streamers (traditional) - 2:43

Seth Lakeman discography

Kitty Jay - Seth Lakeman
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