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Martin Carthy discography

Martin Carthy - Right Of Passage

1998 studio album

Recorded by David Kenny at Ideal Sound in September 1988 and produced by Martin Carthy and David Kenny. Released by Topic Records in 1988.

Martin Carthy: guitar, mandolin, vocals
John Kirkpatrick: one-row melodeon & button accordion
Chris Wood: fiddle
Dave Swarbrick: fiddle

1. The Ant and the Grasshopper
2. Eggs in Her Basket
3. A Stitch in Time
4. McVeagh
5. Hommage à Roche Proulx
6. All in Green
7. Company Policy
8. The Banks of the Nile
9. La Cardeuse
10. Bill Norrie
11. The Sleepwalker
12. A Cornish Young Man
13. The Dominion of the Sword

Martin Carthy discography

Right Of Passage - Martin Carthy
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