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Kerfuffle discography

Kerfuffle - K2

2004 studio album

Released in 2004.

1. Dance Little Maid/Monster of Polska 2.0
2. The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry/The Old Maid of Galway
3. Speed the Plough/The Road to Ballymac/Swedish Polska
4. Mrs Saggs
5. Holland Handkerchief
6. The Orphan/The Phone Call/The Milliner’s Daughter/The Salvation
7. Ca’ The Yowes
8. James and Lara’s Wedding/The Highlander’s Farewell/Crazy Dog
9. O’Neill’s Lament
10. Hold Back the Tide
11. Sleeping Tune/Vingarden

Kerfuffle discography

K2 - Kerfuffle
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