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Richard Thompson discography

Richard Thompson - Cabaret of Souls

2012 studio album

Released on 10 October 2012 on Beeswing Records. Not available in retail stores but from Richard Thompson’s website or at live shows.

Richard Thompson - vocals, acoustic guitar
Pete Zorn - flute, saxophone, vocals
Debra Dobkin - Percussion, vocals
David Pilch - Double Bass
Judith Owen - Vocals
Harry Shearer - Vocals, narration
Peter Askim - Conductor
The Idyllwild Arts Academy Orchestra

1. Prelude
2. Overture
3. Song Of The Keepers
4. Whipping On
5. The Linnett
6. I Really Do Love A Waltz
7. I Must Lie Down
8. Gluttony Considered
9. Clive Smythe
10. The Critic Critiqued
11. I Get Younger
12. The Parchment Grows Thin
13. Auldie Riggs
14. Auldie Riggs’ Dance
15. Mr. Riggs Appreciated
16. Her Eyes not Mine
17. From The Inside Out
18. Breaking Down The Walls
19. Will You Wash Away The Blood
20. My Dave
21. The Gangster’s Moll
22. Run Judas Run
23. It Came With A Whisper
24. I Want The World
25. She Had It All
26. Bosom Of The Lord
27. Hot Place For Hypocrites
28. One More Breath
29. The Keeper Regrets And Reflects
30. Whipping Off

Richard Thompson discography

Cabaret of Souls - Richard Thompson
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