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Alessi’s Ark - The Horse

2008 ep

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However vast the billowing canvas structure that contains folk music it’s difficult to see how this music, although undeniably charming, sneaks through the tent flap.

However, the four tracks written and performed by the eponymous Alessi Laurent-Marke and delivered in her almost childlike and breathy style are quite appealing. She’s only eighteen now and was much younger when some of this material was written. The quirky lyrics about relationships and the gentle music reveal a genuinely talent.

I do feel though that the music is a little over produced and that a simpler and less complex backing would showcase her talent better.

Martin Pain

Released by Virgin on 8 December 2008.

1. Horse
2. Neighbour’s Birds
3. Let’s Race
4. Patchwork Of Dreams

Alessi’s Ark discography

The Horse - Alessi’s Ark
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