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December Sessions

Posted by Christopher Friedenthal on 23 January 2012

Each year we record a selection of tracks that are either traditional carols or original songs relating to the festive period. We call them December Sessions to deliberately leave it open to the artist whether to do religious material or not. Apart from the seasonal link, the main criteria is that they be public domain (we don’t want to tangle with the White Christmas lawyers) or the artist’s own work and that we haven’t already filmed them for the project (see the list below).

They are all made available on in December each year and we make a big fuss over them. Then they are taken down for the rest of the year until next December, when we make a fuss of them all over again.

We capture the session on two cameras and it consists of the following sections:

Songs already done

Here are the ones we’ve done, so you can get an idea of what we’re after and so we don’t double up on the same song twice. Please avoid copyrighted works

Artists involved

The following artists have already recorded songs or are about to. If you’re going to ask anyone to join you for the December Session, please make sure it isn’t any of the following people.

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